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Three Latvian acts to perform in “The Great Escape”.

For three days, from 19th to 21st of May, English seaside resort town Brighton will be new music capital of the world because it will host 11th annual “The Great Escape” festival. Among more than 450 bands scheduled to perform in Brighton there are three Latvian acts as well –bands “Carnival Youth” and “Howling Owl” as well as singer-songwriter Alise Joste.

Each year “The Great Escape” festival chooses one region that will be under the spotlight in the festival and this year it’s Baltic States of Latvia and Lithuania. Due to this there will be total of seven acts from both countries in Brighton that will play two shows each. On Thursday, 19th of May from 6 to 7 PM at The Brighton Museum Music Export Latvia and Lithuanian Music Business Association will host joint party “Meet Music Latvia & Lithuania”. This lead focus party will present food, drinks and networking to all of the interested delegates of the “The Great Escape”.

Latvian 2016 EBBA Award winners “Carnival Youth” already performed in “The Great Escape” two years ago and that show was a launch pad for their success in recent years. This time they return to the festival already as a well-known band that will finish their “Propeller” European tour with two shows in Brighton.

Singer-songwriter Alise Joste at the moment is among hottest names in Latvian music as her second album “Hardships Are Ships” won both Latvian Music Records award as the best singer-songwriter album of 2015 as well as Austras balva – a Latvian equivalent of Mercury Prize in UK. The last but not least of Latvian acts to perform in “The Great Escape” is Latvian-Serbian avant-pop duo “Howling Owl”. It was formed only in mid-2015, but the band already has established itself as one of the most unique new acts in Europe that blends together pop, electronic, avant-garde, and experimental among many other genres of music.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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