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“through the light”. A multilayered album merging poetry and music to be released in April

Just as every living creature consumes sunlight, every human being runs on a certain amount of light in his life. When we learn how to live through this light, embrace its existence, and choose to treasure every little thing we’ve got, the world around us responds to our thoughts and actions and becomes brighter with every choice we make. This is why a Latvian poet Aleksandra Line wrote three poems in three different languages, English, Latvian and Russian, on the darkest nights of Latvian winter, and a prominent Latvian composer Uģis Prauliņš turned triptichum “through the light” into music for three vocalists, a piano and a vibraphone. The album is scheduled for release as a CD, as well as on major music streaming platforms, on April 24. 

Tryptichum comes from Ancient Greek and means three layers. So this multilayered album not only consists of three languages and merges music styles, but there also are three different vocalists, each of whom sings lead vocals in one of the compositions (“cauri gaismai” is the solo of Rūta Dūduma Ķirse, “through the light” – Santa Šillere and “сквозь свет” – Evilena Protektore), Ēriks Miezis plays vibraphone and percussions, Edgars Cīrulis is on upright piano and effects. All five of the jazz musicians are improvisers and most of them write their own music, so the end result of “through the light” is mostly interpreted by each of them with their own musical character and arrangement added to the story.

The album was recorded in Riga at the end of 2022, with sound recording, mixing and mastering done by Pauls Dāvis Megi. Sound engineer’s assistant – Bruno Brauns, album release is supported by the State Culture capital foundation. Photography, behind the scenes story and cover art are done by Vadim Kozhin with Vinsents Krebs posing for the cover.

“I was attracted to the three different characters, moods, mentalities, and tried to compose the music so that the lyrics don’t lose their initial meaning. The poetry is very personal – in the center of it there always are inner feelings, wishes, ideals, doubts and searching for light. I was very interested while observing how Aleksandra’s peers interpret this concept, so I enjoyed meeting these professionals with their fresh energy to see how it all turns out”, – says a Latvian composer Uģis Prauliņš, whose contemporary musical works are performed throughout the continents and whose composition “The Nightingale” was twice nominated for a Grammy award.

Aleksandra Line is a music manager and poet, Latvian Music Academy lecturer and active music industry participant with more than 12 years of experience. She has been writing poetry in English, Latvian and Russian since her childhood – for many years it has been included in her own spoken word and jazz music project “klausies” with two albums released; besides, she also writes lyrics for various composers. “This triptichum is a dedication to myself and everyone who took part in its creation. Also each of our significant people, everyone who doesn’t ever quit searching for light and everyone who begins the searches within himself for a start”, – states the author.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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