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Very Cool People has released a new single and video Camarada Emigrante

Latvian band Very Cool People has released a new single and video Camarada Emigrante. In the video, all members of the band take part in a talent show in which they have to show their hidden talents.

The band’s leader & guitarist Elvijs is a street juggler who specializes in cup tricks with money laundering, the group’s keyboardist Māris Vitkus is a passionate archer in a green cloak. Māris Jēkabsons is a karatist who is able to break boards with all parts of his body. As it has long been known, the game of saxophone and karate are based on the same principles, so it is no wonder that the sexiest saxophonist of Latvia is dressed in a kimono with a fourth dana black belt.

His colleague Kristaps, on the other hand, is a break dancer with excellent dance steps from the highest shelves of the brakedance tradition. The fact that Kristaps is a great dancer has so far been seen in the band’s concerts, where he is also the choreographer of the Very Cool People wind section. Laura is a boxer-cake baker who can knock out any member of the jury if the results are not what she expected. Oskars, well, who doesn’t know Oskars yet – a kebab tycoon, philanthropist and the best director-screenwriter of Ķekava. Bassist Jānis is an unbeatable hot dog eater with an excellent appetite and a huge mouth, in which he can stuff up to three hot dogs at the same time. And finally, Andris is a botanist-crazy professor who knows how to grow everything from everything. He has been growing tulips and watermelons for years, and even knows how to select tomatoes and special long rhubarb. The only one who demonstrates musical talent in the video for Camarada Emigrante is the Brazilian actor, dancer and songwriter Jorge Barreto Gonçalves who lives in Latvia. All these characters then interact as much as they can, and all the talents are inevitably valued. Evaluation is known to be a serious and complex process, so it is carried out by a no less colorful jury, which logically are also played by the members of the band themselves.

The new single is composed by Elvijs Grafcovs. The creation of the clip was completely entrusted to the excellent Latvian filmaker Reinis Janulis and the Colortime team. The recording of the song was made under the direction of Tālis Timrots in the legendary Mints Music studio – basement of the Reformed Church, then the recorded result traveled to Ogre where the mixing work was made by Andris Buiķis and then Jānis Kalve took care of the master version of the track.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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