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“Very Cool People” release a new video titled “Alone in Biksti”

The unstoppable Latvian band Very Cool People has produced a new video for a music piece that is already the fourth single of the  upcoming group’s new album, “50 Years of Influence + 30 Years of Cool Equals 13 Years of Music Hooliganism”, expected in October.

When “Very Cool People” goes to play concerts to Liepāja and drives through Biksti, the band members have a tradition of poking each other (‘bikstīt’ in Latvian means ‘to poke’, so the town ‘Biksti’ would be ‘Poketown’ in English), thereby waking up those who sleep and annoy those with weaker nerves.

“Tradition needs to be respected,” say the group’s spiritual leader and guitarist, Elvijs Grafcovs, confidently. “When going back to Riga after playing a concert or the next day after the after-party, we all poke each other while passing through Biksti.”

In “Alone in Biksti”, the video portrays a musician who has ended up alone in Biksti and has no one to poke. The song’s sweet-hearted subject, therefore, is about the harsh reality, when you are already completely alone, and then it turns out to be in Biksti. However, the encouraging end of the piece makes it possible to realise that nothing is over yet, and it gives hope that the protagonist will return to Biksti with his friends whom he can poke.

“According to an old Latvian belief, if you walk in Liepāja on Riga street or if you walk in Riga on Liepāja street and a crow poops on you, you’ll be crossing Biksti alone for the next two years…”, Elvijs summarizes the idealistic analysis of the new composition.

The video version of the single has been created by the group’s trumpetist and kebab business magnate, Oskars Ozoliņš, and Elvijs Grafcovs who is also the author of the new tune and has provided his help adding a spaghetti western twist to it. “This composition is like a mix of different musical influences of my own — Ennio Morricone mixed with Dire Straits & some Gypsy jazz with Too Many Zooz on top. It is an instrumental song which would be perfect for a Tarantino movie & mixes a variety of musical genres, crossing all imaginable borders.” – says Elvijs.

Written & arranged by Elvijs Grafcovs; Mixed by Andris Buiķis at Ciemupes Production, Ogre, Latvia; Mastered by Dave McNair at Dave McNair Mastering, NC, USA; Released by SIA VERY COOL PEOPLE.

The new music also continues to include all the “coolest”musicians: Oskars Ozoliņš – trumpet, Māris Jēkabsons – tenor saxophone, Laura Rozenberga – trombone, Kristaps Lubovs – baritone saxophone, Elvijs Grafcovs – guitar, Māris Vitkus – keyboard, Jānis Olekšs – bass, Andris Buiķis – drums and percussion.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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