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Very Cool People releases a single Plastmasmens dedicated to ecology

Very Cool People continue to approach their most explosive album to date with the release of their third single, Plastmasmens (Plastic Man), which is both a powerful party hit and a thought-provoking song about ecological issues.

The new song is dedicated to an inevitable current issue – plastic, which has taken over both people’s minds and the surrounding environment without realizing it. Plastmasmens is kept in the latest traditions of Very Cool People’s sound – in the mood of soul and bass system shattering electro-funk with the easily perceptible presence of Latvian party folk song tradition.

The band emphasizes that the main thing is not to become plastic yourself and to follow your heart, not to measure all activities only by the yardstick of stylishness and popular brands. “Trends will change, but everyone will just have to live on with the choices they have made”, the band’s leader, guitarist Elvijs Grafcovs, conducts anti-plastic training. “The same applies to shopping, so with Plastmasmens we offer to think whether the feeling of human happiness is really found in expensive things – smartphones, tablets, handbags, sneakers, clothes and leased cars? Maybe it’s better to spend the rest of the money on a trip or other self-education, not letting Plastic Man always win”.

The new single is also a hint in the direction of modern art and music, because free creativity is often replaced by the pursuit of quick popularity and profit, borrowing already tested ideas from what is currently in fashion, which in the long term will most likely fade away and soon even be replaced by the perfectly mediocre production of artificial intelligence. “Artists have to create new emotions, only then at least several thousand of the eight billion listeners in the world will be able to really connect with it”, sums up Elvijs.

A video was also made for the new single, in which several directors visually expressed an ironic view of what is happening around us – pollution, plastic in food, excessive passion for nutritional supplements, pieces of plastic in human relationships, when people sit at the table with gadgets in their hands or do not take their eyes off the TV screen… The visual stories included in the new video were created by Rimants Iržikevičs, Valdis Krūmiņš, Arvis Belovs, Oskars Ozoliņš and Madara Dzintara Pluša.

The authors of the song are Elvijs Graftsovs, Jānis Kalve, Māris Jēkabsons and Laura Rozenberga. The rhythmic narrator, vocalist and trombonist Laura Rozenberga, vocalist Paula Saija, guitarist Elvijs Grafcovs, tenor saxophonist Māris Jēkabsons, baritone saxophonist Kristaps Lubovs, trumpeter Oskars Ozoliņš, keyboardist Māris Vitkus, bassist Jānis Olekšs and drummer Andris Buiķis, as well as synthesizer player Andris Kauliņš participated in the recording.

So far, two more harbingers of the new album have been released – the summery naughty single Rikšiem (In Trot) and the autumnal criminal-philosophical Ko tu vēl gaidi? (What Are You Waiting For?). The new single Plastmasmens can already be heard on the most popular music streaming services.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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