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“Very Cool People” will offer a new video each month!

“Very Cool People” is an instrumental jazz-funk band originated in Riga, Latvia. With a backbone in jazz and funk, incorporating influences from rock and hip-hop, “Very Cool People” is creating modern and listenable music for a wide audience. While using contemporary tools, the band is trying to bring jazz & funk back to the dance floor and make it more accessible to ordinary, nowadays people. “Very Cool People” is an active-gigging band in which all the members love & enjoy performing live shows more than anything.

“Very Cool People” starting from June, each month, will release a new live video with tunes from band’s latest album “Heya Some Kind Of Fish …” – Camel’s Desert Party, Cats Do not Speak, Squash Express and Conde De Pimientos.

The video was created in cooperation with director Valdis Krumins and one of the hip Riga venue “One One”. “These videos have captured the essence of the album” emphasizes VCP’s leader and guitarist Elvijs Grafcovs. “These are our favourite four tunes from the album & they perfectly represents spirit of the album.”

“Heya Some Kind of Fish! We Don’t Know The Name Of This Fish In English, But In Latvian It Is Vimbas” released in 2017 is VCP’s fourth album so far represents pieces of a symbiosis between the different allied music styles – funk, soul, jazz, klezmer, Balkan & Latvian folk music. In 2015 they released their third album “Funkology” which also features guest artists – fantastic soul & jazz singers from Latvia. In 2012 the group released their second instrumental album “Cruising In The Trolley”. In June 2009 the band released their self-titled debut album. All of the band’s albums have been nominated in different Latvian Music Awards categories such as Best Jazz, Jazz & Blues, Instrumental, Best Debut, and the band’s stop-motion video for the song Hugo was nominated as best Latvian Music video of 2010.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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