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Virtuoso guitarist Mārcis Auziņš presents his third studio album “Lielā plūsma”

Virtuoso guitarist Mārcis Auziņš releases his third studio album “Lielā Plūsma that includes compositions composed during the last three years.

“The creation of the album “Lielā Plūsma” has been inspired by the contemplation of time, space, and existence. The musical material is based on the deeply resonating feelings of the ever-changing nature of the universe, the unstoppable rhythm of time and events, and me in both my roles of a musician and a human being as a part of this process – “Lielā Plūsma” (The Big Flow). I believe that my input and my role in the cutout of infinite time is musicianship, composing, and performing in concerts. The source for my strengths, imagination, and inspiration is in the interaction with the listeners; as long as I have the connection with the audience, the creative process will not abide and will allow me to stay in the vortex of my personal musical growth,” reveals Mārcis.

The concept of the first two albums (“Viens” 2016 and “Aizrautība” 2019) remains untouched with all compositions recorded using a single instrument – the guitar, the same way as Mārcis performs during his live solo shows, thus creating the unique feeling of being in the same space as the musician while listening to the recording.

The teaser of the album is available here:
The new album by Mārcis Auzinņš is available for purchase on, in Jāņa Rozes book stores, in departments of Latvian Post, music stores, and in concert venues. The album is also available on major music streaming platforms, such as Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

The concert program will present the listeners with both – compositions from the album and the arrangements of tunes by such legendary ensembles and artists as “The Beatles”, John Lennon, Bobby McFerrin, and others.

Listen to the “Lielā Plūsma” concert program live on these dates:

June 19 in Mālpils manor
July 2 in Kalnmuižas castle
July 17 in “Zeit”, Līgatne
July 24 Mazmežotnes manor
August 4 Saldus culture pavilion

To find out more information on upcoming concerts, follow Mārcis Auziņš’s social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and his web page

MEL editor

MEL editor

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