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Vocal group Latvian Voices releases a new video of Imants Kalniņš song “Buramdziesmiņa”

A cappella vocal group “Latvian Voices” delights their listeners with a new video of Imants Kalniņš “Buramdziesmiņa”. The author of the arrangement is Laura Jēkabsone.

Although both the interpretation and message of the song might be translated in various ways, Latvian Voices consider the song to be not only a confession of friendship and faithfulness but also a magical and unreachable notion. At the same time, it can encompass the reality and the elusiveness of our world. The rock will grow forever, but the snails will never run… “Who would have thought that the day will come when a hug will become valuable and almost impossible. We thank Imants Kalniņš and Imants Ziedonis for their work of art that will unequivocally stay topical throughout the ages to come. We can’t belong to each other, but we can coexist in friendship and mutual respect. Simple as that!” says the leader of the group and author of the arrangement Laura Jēkabsone.

The shared vision of “Latvian Voices” for the video was a slow, unhurried, clean, laconic and maximally minimal environment. Even more so enhanced by choice of a ‘black and white’ concept. Essential in creating these feelings were the video artist Kaspars Teilāns and the choreographer of modern dance Katrīna Albuže.

The video of “Buramdziesmiņa” is not only a dedication to Latvian national memorial day and national holidays but also a bearer of peace, compassion and unity.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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