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Vultura releases a new song-single called “ŠĶEL”

On July 11, a new song-single called “ŠĶEL” was released, which is the third song in Latvian. Still keeping her promise to release songs in Latvian. The song was composed in the electronic music genres “Drum’n’Bass” and “Jungle”, as well as in the manner of “Hip-Hop”. Still maintaining her signature genre-blending style, Vultura created the track with her producer Mark1Records.
Also, for this song, Vultura decided to give the listeners a slightly different listening experience by creating a music video containing the lyrics of the song, or commonly called a “Lyric” video, created in 3D and animated by Daniela Lākute. For the first time in Vultura’s repertoire, such a video has been created, where the listener can very simply learn the words while listening to the song itself. Compared to other music streaming platforms, YouTube is the only place where is the “Long” version of the song “ŠĶEL” has been created, specially created as a follow-up to the song “Noliec Ziedus”, which was released by Vultura last December.

“The song is about staying authentic and remembering what’s important, no matter how successful you are. Maybe a bit banal, but we really tend to forget ourselves halfway somewhere, or stumble on the same mistakes. Then you have to turn the picture back, remember, and ask yourself who I am and who I still want to be. The song is also about the fact that in reality what you manifest and want to do, achieve, see, love will happen, as long as you work on it, you must remember that you must not let yourself burn out. And those who will try to stop you and trip you up, just don’t listen and react.


Annijas wish with this song, in which, as usual, brutally everything is said between the words – keep your circle of people small who have similar goals and desires in this life as you.”
The song was produced by producer Mark1 Records (Marks Poikans). The visual identity of the song was created by Daniela Lākute (3D).
Photo: Aksels Bergs (AkselsShotIt)
Vultura released her debut album “Not Your Typical Fairytale” on April 28 last year, which received wide media attention (TVNET, TV3, DELFI, LSM, IR.LV, etc.) and radio (RadioNABA,, SWH, etc.). The album is known as a musical manifesto of Latvian electronic music and industry, which also won the 2-year awards of the Music Recording “Zelta Mikrofons” as the best debut album and the best electronic music album in 2023. She also still works in tandem with producer Mark1 Records (Marks Poikāns (22)).
The nearest Vultura concerts in July, the “Hurts” band’s concert as a warm-up artist at the  “Siguldas pilsdrupu estrādē” (July 26).
The nearest Vultura concerts in August are the “Laba Daba” festival (August 4), “Sīpolfestival” in Vietvalži (August 20).
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