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Zelma Jēgere (VIŅA) releases a new solo album in English

Musician Zelma Jēgere (VIŅA) has released her third solo album “Diamond dust” on March 1st, but this time with a new sound and stage name – Zelma. The album “Diamond dust” consists of 7 songs written in English over the last 3 years. Many different musicians were involved in the making of the album, each with their own style and sound – Oriole, Kashuks, Arturs Liede, Andis Ansons, Andrjus Jaņuns, Kapteinis Reinis, Andris Buiķis, Oskars Ozoliņš, Erna Daugaviete, Matthias Herberg and Marvin Langner from Germany, Rūdolfs Ozols, Valters Sprūdžs and Ralfs Eilands. The songs on the album sometimes contrast with each other, which is a characteristic feature of Zelma’s previous solo albums.

“The time during which this album was created, to tell the truth, was full of painful experiences . Almost throughout 2021, I had to focus more on my mental health and well-being, so there was very little time and motivation for music. The very first songs that were written (“Blue”, “How”) are quite gloomy and depressive. I was quite sure that the whole album would be in similar tones, but slowly, as I regained my joy of life and passion, a few songs also gained some positive tones. I am extremely grateful to all the people who have been part of my support team both musically and emotionally in the process of creating this album. I know that many of my listeners have been longing for a new album from VIŅA in Latvian, and I can whisper that I have already started working on it in parallel.” That’s what Zelma says about the album.

The visual design of the album was created by artist Sandis Mūrnieks using charcoal on canvas. The album is available on all streaming platforms starting from March 1st.”


MEL editor

MEL editor

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