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DJ [Ex] da Bass has created a remix for the TRIANA PARK Eurovision song LINE!

The international song competition Eurovision will take place in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, in 9–13 May. Following the “Supernova” song competition, Latvia will be represented at Eurovision by the band “Triana Park” with their piece “Line”.

The official remix of the song was produced by DJ [Ex] da Bass: “It has turned into a tradition for me to create a remix of the Eurovision national selection winner. This is the third year running. Both previous remixes for the hit songs of Aminata and Justs earned critical acclaim at radio stations in Europe and across the globe, as they were played by countless deejays in clubs the world over, and remixes of Aminata’s songs, including mine, were issued in the USA.”

This Sunday, 2nd of April, the band will be playing at the special Eurovision fan event in London. Possibly, the new remix will be played at the party before and after the concert.

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"Triana Park" published a video for the song "Line".

On Monday, March 13th, "Triana Park" published a video for the song "Line". With this song they will soon go to Kiev to represent Latvia in the "Eurovision Song Contest".


The idea of ​​the video for "Line" was ready even before the band desided to participate in the national competition "Supernova" and the victory only speeded up the process of making it happen. As they had to react pretty quickly, the video was made in a very short period of time.


"This was the first time that we worked with the director Karlis Stigis and we are very happy and satisfied about the result . With this video we tried to go in a new direction for us. This was as an experiment and we are grateful for the outcome and the work that the group Hypnozis have done" coments the band "Triana Park".


In the video we can see that the idea is about different lines that we draw in our lifes, both real and  fictional. "Triana Park" wanted to make a video that would be visually interesting with different details, as well as pay attention to the ethnic diversity and unity.


This video has been made with the support of ''Adidas Latvia'' and ''Latvian National Television''

Video directed by Karlis Stigis.


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“Carnival Youth” releases new single “Youth Is Gold” and sets off to SXSW.

One of the most successful bands from Latvia – Carnival Youth –have unveiled 4th and final single from their latest album “Propeller” called “Youth Is Gold”. It comes with a freshly recorded b-side “Lots Of Nobodies”.


The director of the video is Steve Spencer, camera – Kritaps Dzenis, producer – Ieva Karpoviča. The main character of the video is played by Eva Bērziņa.

In February the second album of Carnival Youth – “Propeller” – was awarded both as the best alternative/indie-pop album and album of the year at the annual Latvian Music awards ceremony.

The release of this single marks one of the most important steps of their career so far – partition in the world’s biggest music conference South by Southwest a.k.a. SXSW. Latvian four-piece will play the official showcase, Hotel Second Play and also the Balcony TV sessions in Austin, TX.

Later this March the bend will play several shows in Germany (Munich, Hanover, Berlin) and there are a few festival appearances planned for this year as well.


Last year their latest album “Propeller” was presented with more than 50 concerts in Europe and USA.  It also made the TOP 80 at the USA and Canada CMJ Music Chart.


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"Židrūns" - "Židrūns un tas, ko nevar nest" (I Love You Records) is nominated for best independent album of the year in Europe

 IMPALA has now revealed its shortlist of nominees for the seventh edition of the IMPALA Album of the Year Award. Once again the selection underlines the diversity and quality of independent labels from all over Europe. 25 albums are nominated and nineteen countries are represented this year.


Artists from every genre and generation are featured, from legendary UK act Radiohead to Swiss krautpop band One Sentence. Supervisor, Swedish progressive metal pioneers Meshuggah, Dutch rapper Boef and the new face of Italian disco Jolly Mare.


The voting is currently taking place to decide who will succeed to Jose Gonzalez’s acclaimed album Vestiges & Claws. The winner will be announced at the end of February.


The nominated albums are listed in alphabetical order by artist/name of the album/record label:


Agnes Obel - Citizen of Glass (PIAS)

Bisse – Højlandet (Gateway Music)

Blood Orange - Freetown Sound (Domino Records)

Boef - Gewoon Boef (Zonamo Entertainment)

Claudio Capéo - Claudio Capéo (Jo and Co)

Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition (Warp)

Dubioza Kolektiv - Happy Machine (PIAS)

First Breath After Coma – Drifter (Omnichord Records)

Hangutazók - Indulj El (RNC Music / Egység Média)

Highasakite – Camp Echo (Propeller Recordings)

Jolly Mare – Mechanics (42 Records/Don't Panic)

Kase.O - El Círculo (BOA)

Klaus Johann Grobe - Spagat der Liebe (Cargo Records)

Lost Frequencies - Less Is More (Lost & Cie)

LUH - Spiritual Songs for Lovers to Sing (Mute Records)

Mark Ernestus' NDAGGA RHYTHM FORCE – Yermande (Ndagga)

Meshuggah - The Violent Sleep Of Reason (Nuclear Blast)

Mikko Joensuu - Amen 1 (Svart Record)

One Sentence. Supervisor - Temporär Musik 1-13 (Oh, Sister Records)

Oscar - Cut And Paste (Wichita Recordings)

The Radio Dept. - Running Out of Love (Labrador)

Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool (XL Recordings)

Sara Renar – Tišina (Aquarius Records)

Škrtice - Škrtice (Lampshade Media)

Židrūns - Židrūns un tas, ko nevar nest (I Love You Records)


Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool and Blood Orange’s Freetown Sound have been cited two times and Agnes Obel’s Citizen of Glass three times. Brussels-based label [PIAS] has two nominees: Dubioza Kolektiv and Agnes Obel. 


Helen Smith, Executive Chair, IMPALA commented: “The essence of this prize is to put the spotlight on the most exceptional album of the year. It’s a great shortlist again with both new faces and well-established independent artists. The jury will now decide which album they believe was the best in 2016”.


A full album playlist – IMPALA Album of the Year Award nominees 2016 (albums) – as well as a short playlist – IMPALA Album of the Year Award nominees 2016 (singles) – are available on Spotify to allow you to judge for yourself in advance of the winner's announcement.


About the Independent Album of the Year Award


The “European Independent Album of The Year” award was launched in 2011, together with the annual “Outstanding Contribution to European Music” award, to mark the 10th anniversary of IMPALA. This award showcases the breadth and diversity of independent talent across Europe. The winner is selected on the basis of completely open criteria from a shortlist compiling national and non-national album nominations from territories across Europe put forward for their musical, artistic or other exceptional quality. Nominated albums were required to have been released on a European independent label between January and December 2014. Previous winners of the Award are Efterklang, Adele, The xx and Guadalupe Plata.




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Band “Very Cool People” is releasing new single & announces new album

On the 8th of March the most popular Latvian jazz-funk band Very Cool People is releasing a new single & video named “Spiediens”. This amusing & magnificent video is created in collaboration with actors from Latvian improvisation show named “Spiediens” & “Kaņepes Films”.

Very Cool People is a jazz-funk band originated in Riga, Latvia, by guitarist Elvijs Grafcovs. With a backbone in jazz and funk, incorporating influences from rock and hip-hop, Very Cool People is creating modern, complicated and listenable music for a wide audience. The band, using contemporary tools, is trying to put jazz & funk back to dance floor and make it more accessible to ordinary, nowadays persons.

VCP is an active-giging band in which all the members love & enjoy performing live shows more than anything. When they are on the stage they “blow the roof off” of the place & charge audience’s batteries with energy that is coming out from the guys when they are in act.

The video’s filming took place in the Eduarda Smilga museum of Theater in a thirties bohemian style – a love story with tension, drama and passion for musical instruments. It seems that the dancer Oscar is crazy in love with the trombone player, but the show must go on – one magnificent performance replaces the next one, the audience is excited, everything is fine until after the show begins alert and flurry. A desperate search takes place until Oscar is found...

Very Cool People have cooperated with improvisation theater “Spiediens” before the creation of the video; they have performed in shows, and the tune “Spiediens“ was written as an opening song for theater’s performances. The composition will be included in the band’s new album "Heya Some Kind of Fish!" which will be released at this year's International Jazz Day, April 30. The tune “Spiediens” outlines the group's new album's sound which mixes funk, surf, jazz, klezmer and rock music styles, not being shy from Eastern European charm and mix of various cultures characteristically found in Latvia.

Link to Video:

Link to the Song:

Link to free download:

So far VCP has released three albums which had a great feedback from music critics, both jazz & mainstream audiences, the last of them, Funkology was nominated as the Best Jazz & Blues album from 2015.

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Latvian music band “Catalyst” has released a video for their first single “Howl”.

Latvian music band “Catalyst” has released a video for their first single “Howl”.


The song is the first messenger of the upcoming debut album, which is going to be released later this year. The video storyline is based on wild, primal feelings and the inner struggle within us. Actors in it are the band members themselves - Kārlis Boreiša-Visockis, Ronalds Briežkalns and Zane Bratuskina, and the video was filmed by Reinis Janulis.


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“Franco Franco” returns to 90s and unveils bright video for song “Up”.

The bright local indie pop band “Franco Franco” unveils the video for the song “Up”, with which they will participate in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest “Supernova 2017”. The song is the second single from the EP “Moon + Light”, which is nominated for the award “Zelta Mikrofons” (Golden Microphone) as the best alternative or indie pop record.


“The story of the song “Up” is about a choice we are facing every day — whether to dwell on the past or to overcome difficulties and head forward or up,” the band’s lead singer Elizabete Vētra reveals, adding that the difficult moments in life build up a person’s character.

The director of the video Reinis Spaile (“Steve Spencer Production”) has created „Up” as a short film, referencing the 90s cinema. “The story is about a teenage love — a time when the feelings are vivid and unequivocal. Similarly to the message of the song the story also ends upliftingly with a head-spinning flight,” Spaile reveals.


The video of “Up” was filmed on the Ādaži airfield and in the premises of Cēsis State Gymnasium, where three of the band’s members have studied. The current and former students of the gymnasium were also involved in the creation of the video, fitting into their roles excellently. The cameraman of the video is Jānis Šēnbergs, and the creative director is Zane Priede. The video was created in collaboration with the Cēsis Municipality.

The band will take the national selection’s for the Eurovision Song Contest “Supernova 2017” stage with the song “Up” this Sunday. “Up” is the second single from the EP “Moon + Light”, which is nominated for the award “Zelta Mikrofons” (Golden Microphone) as the best alternative or indie pop record. The producer of the album Reinis Sējāns (“Instrumenti”, “Reynsi”) has received the special award as the best studio producer of 2016.

The song “Up” can be heard on the streaming platform Spotify, online store iTunes and other channels for digital music distribution.


 “Franco Franco” has been active since 2010. In 2013 the band released its debut EP “Color me”. In 2016 it returned with the second EP “Moon + Light” and the album presentation concert, actively performing in such festivals as “Playground Festival”, “Fono Cēsis”, “Piens Fest”.



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Double Faced Eels release another single and video — "You and I".

With a shout-out to pop/punk true-believers, Double Faced Eels relesed a new single and video titled "You and I".


The song is about relationships and how any problems you run into are just another challenge to figure out, when you’re in that relationship with someone worth the effort. The lyrics „I’ll do that thing that you want, I’ll get it right. If you can look past all the other times” capture the perpetual compromise which the author of the song, Reinis Straume, wanted to talk about in the song.


The band also posted a brand new cover to their YouTube channel. This time, it's Bebe Rexha's "I Got You".


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Workshop „Youtube – one of the marketing tools” announced.

On 19th of January workshop „Youtube – one of the marketing tools” will take place in Riga –organised by Latvian Music Development Association / Latvian Music Export Office along with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.


Video-sharing website Youtube is not only one of the most popular websites of all time, it’s also one of the most important tools for every musician. Even if some artists doesn’t focus on making splendid music videos, it’s still one of the most common platforms to access music with.

The workshop will be led by a sertified Youtube expert - András Bozán Bodrogi from Google Ground Budapest. Main subject – the best way to use Youtube in order to reach the best audience. Bodrogi will also share his knowledge on how to increase the amount of Youtube subscribers, how to atjust content for specific audience along with some practical tips and tricks.

It will take place from 10 am till 1 pm at the headquarters of Investment and Development Agency of Latvia – Riga, Perses street 2, conference hall on the second floor. The workshop will be held in English. Registration -

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With the album “Seasons. Winter. Piano” MicRec opens new instrumental music album series.

The new album “Seasons. Winter. Piano” of new series of Latvian instrumental music “Seasons” has been released.


New album is the compilation of romantic melodies of 12 well-known Latvian composers on piano. You will come across compositions of Raimonds Pauls, Imants Kalniņš, Mārtiņš Brauns, Uldis Stabulnieks and Jānis Lusens, as well as works composed by Dons, Mārtiņš Freimanis, Lauris Reiniks, Gints Stankevičs and Aigars Voitišķis. The pianist Normunds Kalniņš has recorded them all in his interpretation. Mixing and sound editing was done by producer Gints Stankevičs. You will only hear the piano in the record and it is the most popular way of recording popular song arrangements emphasizing the melodies thereof. Compositions complement each other and this album will serve as excellent background music in different situations – in cafes, saloons, shops or at home next to the fireplace. All compositions included in the album are well known songs of popular Latvian singers and different groups of singers, but it is the first time they are all available in one instrumental version. Here are the titles of compositions and the authors thereof:

  1. The Elegy  (Elēģija) /Written by Raimonds Pauls/
  2. The Dedication (Veltījums)  /Written by Mārtiņš Brauns/
  3. Two Angels (Divi eņģeļi) /Written by Gints Stankevičs/
  4. What A Quiet Night  (Cik klusa nakts ) /Written by Raimonds Pauls/
  5. Song For The Snow White (Dziesma Sniegbaltītei ) /Written by Imants Kalniņš/
  6. The Night Talks To Me (Nakts mani uzrunā ) /Written by Freimanis & Reiniks/
  7. My Angel (Mans eņģelis) /Written by Dons/
  8. The Promise (Solījums) /Written by Uldis Stabulnieks/
  9. So White (Tik Balti) /Written by Lauris Reiniks/
  10. From Night To Morning (No nakts uz rītu)  /Written by Raimonds Pauls/
  11. Going To You On The Winter Night (Ziemas vakarā ejot pie tevis) /Written by Aigars Voitišķis/
  12. The Night (Nakts) /Written by Jānis Lūsēns/


The design of the album was created by Artūrs Tigulis, but the design of new series is based on artworks, painted by Līga Ķempe especially for this purpose. The paintings for spring, summer and autumn editions are already painted. Currently there are four albums planned to be in the series of instrumental music “Seasons” – “Seasons. Winter. Piano” available in stores this week, as well as the ones planned next year Seasons. Spring. Guitar”, “Seasons. Summer. Strings” and “Seasons. Autumn. Percussions”. There will be melodies of well-known Latvian composers and bands recorded in these albums as well; just the main instruments will change.

CD’s are available for ordering on web site of MicRec and for purchase in bookstores “Jānis Roze” bookstores and in music stores. The digital version of the album is already available on platforms iTunes and Spotify.


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