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Australian-Latvian Band Shades Present New Single

Australian-Latvian band Shades present the first single and video “Together (No More)” from their upcoming EP that will be released in Spring of 2018.

The story of Shades goes back to 2015 when the drummer and producer Janis Eglitis met singer and composer Chris O’Neill in Melbourne, Australia. Chris has written music for many international projects, including well-known video games like “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” and “Final Fantasy XV” and the BBC’s very first virtual reality documentary “Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel”. Together they wrote several songs with the idea of future collaboration and they called the project Shades as a reference to Australia’s hot sun. Almost by accident one of their songs won a newcomers’ radio show competition on Latvia’s “Radio SWH”, bringing the band radio rotation.

Having been set aside to work on other music and life projects, this autumn Shades has reborn into a fully-fledged band. This time, from two opposite sides of the world. Chris and Janis, who is now living in Latvia, were joined by bass player Martins Leja, also known as a member of Latvian rock band “Indygo”, and guitarist Janis Lide. The band plays indie pop-rock and is currently working on their debut EP. In 2018 Shades will be playing concerts in the Baltics and beyond.

Meanwhile their ballad “Together (No More)” has now reached radios and streaming services. “The song is about the power games, lust and suspicion in a broken relationship”, says Chris who is in charge of the lyrics. The song was written in various home studios and pulled together in the cloud, with the final version mixed by Janis at his studio “Ierakstu Maja”.

The single’s video features renowned Latvian contemporary dance choreographer Liene Grava and was filmed with support from “Kultfilma” and “Colortime”. It is available on YouTube and Vimeo.

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Latvian shoegaze pioneers "Tribes of the City" releases single and announces album

After an almost a decade-long break we are excited and proud to release our new single "Rust and Gold" from the album with the same name coming up in September 2018. It is going to be our fourth studio record following the double "Recipe of the Golden Dream" (2008). A live release show is going to be announced soon.

After several kids born, books read, beards grown and hair cut, we have finally reunited and are currently actively working in the studio, awake and inspired as ever.

We are lucky to have the great producer Adam Cooper working with us on this album. Adam has worked on one of our favorite and most influential shoegaze records of all time - Crash by Astrobrite (2001), he is also the founder of Alison’s Halo.

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Justs announces his new single “Are you there” and presents an eccentric video.

Latvian musician Justs has released a new single from his upcoming album, which is going to be available in Spring. New song “Are you there” is a work of musician and one of most promising new music producers in Latvia DJ Makree. Music video was developed by Ritvars Bluka.

“New single opens a question, which might seem easy to answer, but makes you really think, what makes you alive. I think that it is a question you can ask yourself every day. It is important to understand, what is your story and what is your path. You do not have to be afraid of it,” Justs explains message behind the lyrics.

With the song artist announces his debut album. “This albums content will slightly differ from what you have heard before. A lot of things have changed since the Eurovsion, impressions have turned into experiences, emotions have turned into skills. I want this album to represent more of my character.”

Music video perfectly represents the essence of the songs message and was captured by videographer Ritvars Bluka. Justs claims: “With this video my team and I wanted to show that every story is unique, and so is our characters. Sometimes it is hard to embrace who you are, but you have to be strong and resist the oppression.”

First song is a shout out to fans abroad, who were waiting patiently for the new material to appear.

Justs Sirmais is a Latvian artist, singer and songwriter, who also was a Eurovision 2016 finalist. Now teamed up with perspective producer DJ Makree, he is exploring his capabilities through Pop, House and EDM genres.

Song “Are you there” is available on Soundcloud,  Spotify and Deezer. You can download song on iTunes.

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Aleponija will host the opening performance from the program ''Sieviete Te''.

On November 23 the opening event from the program ''Sieviete Te'', dedicated to gender equality, will take place at Aleponija –Birznieka Upīša iela 22. Musicians Elizabete Balčus and Evija Vebere will make an special anniversary performance for the opening night. The program, that aims to identify and highlight the role of women in performing arts, will continue to be organized monthly.

''Sieviete te'' is planned as a cycle of alternative music and art events with the purpose of emphasizing the role of women in music. The line up for November 23 is composed by independent music performers who, in their creative search, are not afraid to challenge gender roles with a deep personal vision and strong stage presence.

ELIZABETE BALČUS creates a neo-psychedelic dream pop collage that is melodic and experimental at the same time. In her theatrical-musical cosmos, everything is allowed: transcendental vocals, free flute improvisations, electro pop beats, chamber music elements and glitch-style loop effects. Real fruits and vegetables are used as synthesizers. Elizabete's performance is just as stunning as it is captivating.

EVIJA VĒBERE is a soundscape artist that is now enthusiastic about electronics. In her performance, she uses both synthesizers and acoustic instruments to create a sound forest ambient, which is transmitted by the original and evocative voice of Evija. The different sound atmospheres range from playful easy going dance to schizophrenic existential cantatas. Studying in Holland, Evija and the Serbian drummer Lav Kovač created the avant-pop duo Howling Owl. The band toured Europe for about two years and released the EP  "Dance for Common Sense" (2015).

Original idea for ''Sieviete Te'' comes from Maria Llanderas, co-owner and program manager of Aleponija, because she thinks it haven't been enough discussion about the role of women on stage. The realization and implementation of the idea involved the concert agency MOO manager Lena Sme, marketing specialist Una Rozembauma and artist Marija Luīze Meļķe.

Offering high quality music performances based on an all-female lineup and creative team will help to break  stereotypes about gender roles in the performing arts environment. The program aims to create a platform where young women professionals  meet to build new contacts, share experiences, encourage each other and co-operate.

Event organizers believe that it is necessary to critically evaluate the experience of women working in the arts field in order to highlight the challenges and difficulties they are facing and to encourage dialogue to improve the situation, making it possible for all women involved to engage in their profession.

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Singer Múr is releasing her second single from upcoming debut album “Under allure”

At the end of this summer Madara (Múr) introduced everyone with a nostalgic preview of the album - first single “Confirmations”, but today Múr is releasing a song with a completely different vibe - “One weak breath away”.

Both songs let listeners understand that the upcoming album “Under allure”, which is coming out soon, is filled with different sounds and emotions. 

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"RIGaLIVE" session #1 aftermovie

Two-day project "RIGaLIVE" is songwriting camp, educational workshops and lectures for music industry.

Music: Kaspars Ansons "Happy Poet Singing".

Video: Rolands Rekke

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“Ewert and The Two Dragons” and “BrainStorm” - present a new, sunny song "We wait for the light".

A bit more than one year has passed since the moment Renars Kaupers ("BrainStorm") and Evert Sundja ("Ewert and the Two Dragons") locked themselves in Renars’ home kitchen and started to work on a new song. By now, seven co-authors have joined the two "kitchen members" and as a result of this, a collaboration between the two bands has born - "Ewert and The Two Dragons" and "BrainStorm"  - present a new, sunny song "We wait for the light".

Once the demo was ready, the first recordings of the song took place in Tallinn, where the song got new melodic lines, but after the work with the song got stock for a while. Swedish friends of "BrainStorm" -  Povel Olsson and David Larson, came to the rescue and gave the song its final touches.

Ewert himself comments on the collaboration: “A little more than a year ago I got a call from an unidentified number.  Well, it turned out to be Renars Kaupers from "Brainstorm" who had a plan. And the plan was to write a song together. So that was exactly what we did, got together and started jamming. The result is here now - nice upbeat, kind of easygoing pop song with a summer-vibe.”

"We wait for the light" has been made with the power of three countries - Estonia, Latvia and Sweden. And with great happiness, we are sharing the song with you!

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Latvia will be represented by Elizabete Balčus and Chris Noah in „Reeperbahn” festival.

Every year „Reeperbahn” – one of the biggest showcase festivals in Europe – selects from the strongest and brightest new musicians who will be given a chance to perform in Hamburg at the end of September. This year this opportunity is given to two Latvian musicians – Elizabete Balčus and Chris Noah. They will be enjoying the exclusive attention of the world music industry.

„I’m very happy to be part of a festival where it’s possible to behold the newest and most interesting in the world of music and art. I’ll be taking part in the festival with my electro-acoustic performance where I synthesize electronic and academic music. An important role is given to free-jazz flute improvisations and soniferous vegetables which I use as a synthesizer. This spring I had a chance to perform at „The Great Escape” festival in Brighton that brought forth a lot of new turning points and useful contacts for my future creative work. I hope to show myself from the best side in the „Reeperbahn” festival, widen my audience and find new opportunities and contacts,” – Elizabete Balčus shared her thoughts.

Chris Noah also feels honoured: „I’m glad I can be part of this festival and share the stage with musicians that I highly appreciate because of their music. I wish to prove myself outside of Latvia and I’m especially happy that one of my first foreign stage performances happens to be the „Reeperbahn” festival.”

The festival will be held for the 12th time and will offer 800 various experiences: new musicians, musical shows, newest films and literature, presentations and conferences.

Latvian Music Development Association / Latvian Music Export Office with collaboration with their Lithuanian colleagues are organising a presentation event of both countries „Meet Music Latvia and Lithuania” that will take place on the 22nd of September in the club „Nochtwashe”. On the 21st of September Latvian Music Development Association / Latvian Music Export Office will collaborate with colleagues from Hungary, Check Republic, Russia and Lithuania to organise a Central-Eastern Europe music industry event „CEEntral Party” that will take place at „The Mad Hatter”.

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The devil and the suicidal one in the new and provocative video of the band RYGA

The band RYGA, which recently released its debut album “Catch Her Groove”, as well as took part in festivals “Saldus saule”, “Laba daba” and “LĪVIfest” and has already become known for its confrontational videos, is now releasing a new and thought-provoking video of the record “Give Me Your Love”.

The song is included in the soundtrack of the Daile Theatre performance directed by Dž. Dž. Džilindžers “The death of Banny Manro” (“Bannija Manro nāve”). The performance will return to the stage in late September. This year, the band leader Mārcis Judzis was nominated for this record in the annual theatre award “Spēlmaņu nakts” and received outstanding reviews and critical acclaim of music professionals. Actors of the Daile Theatre Ģirts Ķesteris, Ieva Segliņa and Kaspars Zāle (the Devil) take part in this video.

Mārcis Judzis: “The protagonist of the story is the Devil. He is exceptional in what he does, and now he has chosen two candidates. The evil one, in fact, has a good sense of humour and can dance very well, which is probably why the “clients” are easily caught on his prongs. He also has his magic potions that cause hallucinations so intense that even giraffes start to prance. This is not one of those love stories that end with a white dove set free in a wedding ceremony, but rather with a guitar solo on devil’s prongs as performed by the devil himself, because he is pleased with his achievements and, feeling satisfied, he moves on to new, vulnerable, weak, tired, self-depleted, burnt-out candidates, who have been spat on by oligarchs, because they are the easy targets. Perhaps he is, in fact, a purifier who does not allow the seed of tired and tortured men spread any further?”

The author of the video is Artis Dzērve, who also created the previous video of the band RYGA for the record “Bunny Munro Waltz”, which only recently was broadcast by the German TV channel 3sat. And it was not by accident. At the end of the year, in co-operation with the company “Rough Trade”, the album of the band will be released and distributed also in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Negotiations are under way regarding a tour of the band in clubs of Germany at the time the album is released.

Ryga album “Catch Her Groove” is available at:





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New single and video ‘Just A Boy’ by ‘The Bad Tones’ out now.

The up-and-coming Latvian psychedelic rock quartet “The Bad Tones” have released a new single called “Just A Boy” along with a music video. The clip is made using VHS recordings from their childhood.

Most of the used footage is more than 15 years old and filmed by their fathers – Dedzis Andrejs Broders, Juris Levics un Uldis Ozols. Editing has been done by Pēteris Vīksna.

On 26th of August “The Bad Tones” performed in the city of Sigulda as a warm up act for “Carnival Youth”.

“The Bad Tones” was previously known as “The Pink Elepahnt” – their catalogue consists of two albums. Currently the members of the band – Edvards Broders (guitar, vocals), Rūdolfs Ozols (guitar), Alberts Levics (bass) and Kalvis Sležis (drums) – are studying music in the Netherlands. They are working on their next record that will be released early next year.

The new single is available on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and other digital music platforms.


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