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„Purple Negative” releases their new mini album „Happy”

Alternative indie rock band „Purple Negative” has just released their second mini album „Happy”.

Unlike the first minialbum „SOAP” which was recorded in the guitarists Roberts Gromovs bedroom in late 2018, „Happy” is recorded in „Hodila Records” by Ģirts Laumanis. This slight change also marks the progressive advance that can be heard in the new songs. The punk genre tendencies have been complimented with atmospheric, one could say even melancholic, melodies.

The first single „Happy Once a Year” of the „Purple negative” mini album has been published in late August this year.

„Purple Negative” which consists of Elīza Daine (vocals/rhythm guitar), Roberts Gromovs (lead guitar), Kārlis Pūķis (bass), Emīls Lapiņš (drums) came together in 2017. During the three years that the band has been active, they have found their sound by mixing elements of alternative music and indie rock. The line-up has played concerts in Rīga and beyond. The band has gained recognition with singles like „Your Ignorance” and „Fluorescent Lights”.

With the release of the mini album „Happy” the band invites all listeners and their friends to a free album presentation concert. It will take place on the 19th of September in Riga at „Kaņepes Kultūras centrs”.

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Young and promising singer Karīna Laugale releases single “Colorful World”

“Colorful World” is about equality in the world where we all are so different but in essence so ambiguously colorful.

This song is made in rock style, which is very different from singer’s daily style. This is her first original composition as well - she is the author for lyrics and music.

Song shows the world in all its glory. Colorful world where we live but in daily rush don’t notice. We have to notice the usual things in very different view. “ I am confident that every human being will find something interesting in this song” says Karīna Laugale.

Growing up in a musical family Karīna started singing and playing piano at an early age. She is a Riga Dome Choir school graduate. At the moment she studies at Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music jazz vocal department. 

Karīna has participated in X Factor' with Koukie band, as well as in the festivals Saulkrasti Jazz' (LV), Ventspils Groove (LV), Moscow Spring A Capella (RUS), Noorte Jazz Festival (EE), etc.

Lyrics and music author is Karina Laugale. “Colorful world” producer and arranger is Jānis Bukums, Arturs Liede and sound engineer Kārlis Šteinmanis. Recorded in “KS Records – Unity Audio”  featuring group “Jānis Bukums”.

Lyrics video author is Rita Bērziņa

Publisher LRMA records

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Taurud releases his debut single “I Keep Loving You”

“Taurud” is a singer and songwriter from Jurmala, Latvia, currently based in Manchester UK. On the 12th of August, he is releasing his debut single which is the first taste from the 2021 upcoming album.  “I Keep Loving You” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and other streaming services.

Debut single “I Keep Loving You” talks about true unconditional love.  “Taurud”: “It’s a song about feelings that makes us human, those feelings which can literally bend our reality. Feelings that can turn black and white into colour, feelings that can awaken us from sleepwalking. Suddenly everything is real. So often we’ re trying to put each other in these invisible boxes to fit for us and if we can’t our feelings alter. This song is about the love we are ready to give regardless of someone’s shortcomings or pain they cause. I hope it will become people’s song and others will use it to tell someone how much they love them. I wrote it for that.”

Listen to “I Keep Loving You” here

“Taurud” is a culmination of dreamy and heartfelt sounds, experimenting with different levels of intimacy. Taurud touch acts as a refuge for those who need a break from the busy world whizzing by. It’s that feeling of being seemingly adrift in the sea of our own realities, losing yourself, hitting rock bottom and finding your feet once again. His music attempts to shine a little light into a dark room, with a desire to spread hope, love, and peace throughout.

A musician who grew up listening “Pink Floyd” and, “Queen” from age of 5 says about himself: “I’m someone who learned everything himself. Never had teachers who’ d show me how to write songs or play guitar. I started writing when I was around 15 in my first band. Still doing it really really impulsively. Very often I can’t sleep cos I have to create a new song.  It feels like I’m like an athena who is receiving signals and just writing them down, often it doesn’ t feel like I am actually writing it. Everything is energy and is vibrating on different frequencies. Theoretically, we all are music.”

“Taurud” is releasing his debut single this year. It’s the beginning of very focused work to introduce Latvia and other countries to his art. Currently working on his debut album with top musicians from Manchester, recording at “The Big Red Studio” with Jake Evans who’s collaborated with so many great musicians including “New Order”. The upcoming record will include 8 original songs. “Taurud‘ says: “We are recording it all live man, like back in the day. We are capturing real moments in the studio. It’s such real music. I’m so excited.”

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Markus Riva Announces New Album with Dual Single

At the height of summer, musician Markus Riva brings a new song both in Latvian and Russian to his audience. “Vēl pēdējoreiz”/ „Белые ночи” (One Last Time / White Nights) is the first single from Riva’s upcoming fall album.

“Self-reflection is inevitable when you face this unprecedented solitude, which brings about nostalgia and melancholy. These sentiments linger both in this song, as in the tone and content of my forthcoming album,” says the musician.

Markus Riva also enjoys popularity in Russia and other CIS countries; in fact, Riva is one of the few Latvian musicians with a considerable fan base among Russian-speaking listeners. His work is usually released in one language so it does not always resonate with all listeners. However, “Vēl pēdējoreiz” found its sound both in Latvian and Russian leading to the decision to gift the song to a larger audience.

“A larger follower base means having to make sure my creative endeavours do not leave anyone out. Fans in Latvia and Russia and other countries are all waiting for new music from me,” asserts Markus. “I am extremely happy to release this single in both languages at once. Although my new album will be recorded in Latvian, a Russian version might be in the cards in the near future.”

Markus Riva is the author of the music and lyrics of “Vēl pēdējoreiz”, while the lyrics of „Белые ночи” were contributed by Igor Tatarenko, Riva’s long-time musical associate from the Ukraine. The song was recorded in “Factory sounds studio” and arranged by its co-author Gints Stankevičs.

From July 28, the song “Vēl pēdējoreiz”/ „Белые ночи” is available on all streaming platforms

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DJ Aspirins shares his new single “Sunshine Avenue”

One of the best Latvian scratch deejays DJ Aspirins releases a new song “Sunshine Avenue” featuring twin sister duo “Dvines”.

“When I was writing the song, I envisioned an anime cartoon with a girl who walks down the imaginaery “Sunshine Avenue” very vividly. She sees a boy and they run towards each other in slow motion (as they do in anime cartoons). At the end they watch the sunset together,” Ana - one of the twin sisters describes writing of the song.

DJ Aspirins  has been a prominent party rocker in the Baltics and a Red Bull 3Style champion, representing his country at the world finals in Tokyo. In 2018 he released his debut EP “Easy”. “Sunshine Avenue” indicates a new and funkier direction for Aspirins towards nu-disco sound.



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Latvian producers YDJ record a song with Soul II Soul’s lead vocalist

The experienced Latvian music producers Lotars Lodzins, Janis Kalve, and Karlis Indrisonoks (Labo ierakstu studija), in association with English musician and songwriter Ky Ismet, have joined forces under the name YDJ and invited the lead singer of the English supergroup of the 90’s Soul II Soul, Charlotte Kelly, to jointly create a new song, the main theme of which was created by the legendary Latvian trumpeter and arranger Gunars Rozenbergs. This Time It’s For Real is published and released by MicRec.

The talks with the Soul II Soul lead vocalist were short, as Charlotte immediately agreed to cooperate after listening to the prepared demo.

Wessel van Diepen, host of the Global Dance Chart show of the popular Dutch radio station Radio 538, says: “An inspiring song. Very well done, great job!” The famous Swedish DJ and record producer StoneBridge commented after listening to the song: “High-quality composition, well-produced and with a very eye-catching lyric video.”

This Time It's For Real is a modern house music track with a fresh and trendy vibe. Lyric video was created by Dween Production.

The song is available on all music streaming and downloading services all over the world.

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“Bandmaster” release a new song after 3 year hiatus

Latvian electronic trio “Bandmaster” shares new single “I Might Get High Tonight”.

Lead singer Zelma Jegere: “This song is about an internal dualism and never ending struggle of good and bad choices in life and which version of yourself you are going to be today. The title “I Might Get High Tonight” might give you a hint which choices it describes more.”

Bandmaster is an electronic trio from Latvia whose music incorporates danceable beats, overdriven analog synths and vocal hooks. The band features one of the country's leading DJs/producers (Rudd), producer Andis Ansons and a notorious battle rapper VIŅA (“she” in Latvian, real name Zelma Jegere). Because of her furious style Latvian public radio received 8000 EUR fine for airing her rap battles. But here she sings. Bandmaster have opened for The xx and Phantogram, playlisted on KCRW and received the “Best electronic / dance music record 2017 in Latvia” award for Stay Awake EP. Music video for “Get Live” featuring hip hop legend Akil the MC from Jurassic 5 received “Best Music & Dance Video” at Bestias Danzantes Festival de Cine de Danza in Chile.




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Musician Edvards Broders releases an EP entitled "Songs of Niceness"

"These are songs of lightness, they are perfect for moments when you just want to relax laying in the sand by the sea or on freshly cut grass somewhere in the countryside. When you want to do nothing and allow the time to flow, ” Edvards writes about his EP Songs Of Niceness.

This record contains 6 songs, the ideas of which originated over a long period of time, but acquired a more serious outline this winter and were completed during the pandemic.

"I would like this recording to serve as a kind of portfolio for me as a composer and arranger, but most of all as a producer and recording engineer. This is what a couple of people can do in 2-3 months in a studio in Riga with the most beautiful surroundings. ”

Edvards Broders is a musician, composer and producer who's currently playing in a band called The Bad Tones and has written the soundtrack for the films Despair, Overturned Moon, etc.

The songs of this EP were created alone, but musicians Toms Valmiers, Kalvis Sležis, Alise Golovacka and Teodors Kerimovs also took part in the recording process. The EP was fully recorded and mixed in Riga, in Red House studio, but mastered by Jasper Ras, De Gheijn Music studio in The Hague, the Netherlands.

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The boundary-pushing singer ELIZZA drops her brand new summer-ready tune "Habit"

Painting the ever-changing canvas of pop and R&B with her own distinctive palette, ELIZZA is a fresh, emerging talent whose songs are leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary music scene. Her latest single, “Habit”, is out on 12th June 2020.

Based in London and inspired by artists such as Sia, Dua Lipa, The Weekend and Jorja Smith, ELIZZA’s vivid new sound is destined to become the heartbeat of pop music in the 2020s. The stage has already been set for her inevitable rise, thanks to a run of remarkable releases that include ‘Can’t Quit’, Myles Stephenson collaboration ‘Want To Keep’ and her latest track, the summer-ready new single ‘Habit’. 

“”Habit" is questioning your commitment to a person and trying to answer these questions - has this relationship turned into a habit or is this still alive and worth holding onto?”

Showcasing the singer’s range and versatility, “Habit” sees ELIZZA stunningly vocalise her romantic uncertainty over a beat that takes cues from reggaeton and dancehall, penning reflective lyrics that explore the dangerous territories where love and addiction collide. Another leap in her progressive musical evolution, this most recent offering points towards a new direction for ELIZZA, as she brings together sounds, rhythms and styles from across the mainstream to produce a radio-ready heater that’s destined for the Top 40.

Speaking about her artistic progression, ELIZZA remarked: “For me, it’s a wow moment every time a song you have been working on, comes to life, gets released, and I hear from people who loved it. It’s so important for me to remember where you started but also always stay hungry for more and keep pushing.” 

The ideas behind “Habit” came out of the blue during a journey to a studio session - an artist who overflows with natural creativity, ELIZZA often receives bolts of inspiration from the blue, recording melodies and lyrics as voice notes in her phone before fleshing them out in the studio with talented producers. This creative process has brought to life a series of incredible singles that point towards a long and successful musical career for a musician determined to express her vision to the world.

“This release is very personal, being able to share this is me speaking the truth. This is what I want my music to be about. It can be scary to say what I feel out loud sometimes and that’s how music helps me. Hopefully, it can help others too.”

ELIZZA is dedicated to sharing her experience and emotion with others through the medium music. Her fire, passion and authenticity shines through every note she sings, and is now inspiring a growing international fanbase. She believes that, unlike anything else, music has the power to break boundaries, arouse deep feelings, and spark new ideas. Her intense, heartfelt songs do just that.

Link to the song:

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Electropop artist BAIBA releases new song ‘I Can Tell You My Sins’

New single is from artist’s upcoming album ‘Lighter’ and is a melancholic electro-pop track from Latvian artist who currently lives and performs in Austria.

„I Can Tell You My Sins“ is the new single from BAIBA's upcoming album „Lighter“.  It is her one of her first tracks which is more focused on electronic and is pursuing her hunger for good electronic pop music. 

“It's dark, sexy mood of the song expresses the hope and despair of young lovers. Craving to open up to each other, merge into each other's essence to express their deepest secrets, sins and desires and yet, the song is also sharing the insecurity of young love,” BAIBA explains.

The track is a slow burner - it is supposed to be listened on melancholic and beautiful summer nights, together with lovers and their touch.

You can listen to the new single on Spotify:

BAIBA is a young Latvian musician, currently living in Innsbruck, Austria. In 2017 in collaboration with the Austrian producer Christoph Holzknecht (CHRS) she released her debut album ''These Storms''. Since then BAIBA is performing solo, producing herself and moving away from the melancholic singer songwriter corner and embracing more and more the curiosity of electronic pop music.

Her singles ‘Running’, ‘Light Inside’, ‘Touch You Right’ and ‘You Don’t Know Me’ which she released under her full name (Baiba Dekena), had radio airplay all around Europe and were also featured in numerous Canadian and American music blogs. Her single "Waiting" was in a daily rotation in one of the biggest Austrian radio stations "FM4" and mid November she entered the „Official European Independent Music Charts“ on number 19 with the title track of her upcoming album „Lighter“ and stayed in the top 50 until March 2020.

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