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Ed Rallidaepresents a new song “Masterpiece”

“This pause wasn’t wasted at all. I gave full attention to my health. Slowly and carefully I’m prepping my own musical material.” says Ed Rallidae (Edvards Grieze).

Participation in Supernova 2018 proved to be beneficial in terms of schooling, and serves as a driving force for steady development.

“With this song I wanted to present the real Ed Rallidae and what this alter-ego really stands for”. It definitely wasn’t a teenage rebel yell. This song actually is a very personal revelation – a dedication to a beautiful soul, who came into my life after a lengthy period of doubts and fears.”

“Even more, I am most delighted to collaborate with Roberts Pētersons. Without a doubt, I can say that I’ve found my producer. Yes, Roberts is a producer with a capital letter! A multi-instrumentalist and a person, whose talent cannot be disclosed with bare words in the best sense!” Ed Rallidae commenting the collaboration with singer and producer – Roberts Pētersons.

Roberts Pētersons the new collaboration: “Edvards knew the sound of this particular song in the very beginning, that’s why we tried to manifest his vision of this single as accurately as possible in order encode the unique taste of the musician. The song draws you in from the very first piano keystrokes. I’m impatiently waiting to search for new sounds and work on the next songs by Ed Rallidae!”

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Chris Noah releases a new song

Musician Chris Noah releases a new song called “Inside Out”, which is the last of the three-song set, which has been developed with the British produced Kristofer Harris.

The British producer visited Latvia in May of last year and in collaboration with the musician and companions recorded three songs. The first one published was “River”, which has been listened to more than 370 thousand times, the second one – “Fall Through” was the first single who also had a music clip. This song has gotten awareness not only from Latvian radio stations, but also from many foreign music bloggers and it got many fans in the Baltic radio tops.

Song in Spotify

The song “Inside Out” differs from the previous two, because the song has been in the making for many years – the main part of the song was written more than two years ago, but the rest was produced with Kristofer Harris in May of 2018. “Sometimes it happens like that – you develop a seemingly perfect melody for a song, but the rest of it does not come out naturally. In this case I had to wait for the right moment to get the inspiration to finish it.” Says the musician Chris Noah himself.

About the contents of the song Chris Noah says: “The song is about relationships with a person, who changes what he says, what he thinks and even denying what he said earlier. Everyone of us, at least once in our lives, meets a person like this with whom it is difficult to make plans with, because you never know what might happen tomorrow.”

Song co-author and co-producer is Chris Noah friend and musical companion Marcis Jukumsons-Jukumnieks. Also people who have been a part of the recording are guitarist Janis Kalnins, and drummer Jekabs Zemzaris.

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Apply for the songwriting camp RIGaLIVE #4, which will take place during April 2nd – 4th in Riga, Latvia.

We are announcing the beginning of application for the songwriting workshop RIGaLIVE session  number 4. For three days up to 10 teams will be working on creating new songs. Each group will consist of three members – a songwriter, a performer and a producer. Each day the teams will work for 8 hours in order to create a demo version of a new song, which will then be evaluated by a collective of experts, which will consist of representatives of both local and international professionals of the music industry. Besides the songwriting workshop, there will also be a creative masterclass on the first day.

Event order of RIGaLIVE #4:
2/04 - introduction of the participants of RIGaLIVE #4; creative masterclass;
3/04 - songwriting workshop and listening;
4/04 - songwriting workshop and listening.

 A Spotify playlist of the RIGaLIVE released songs available HERE.

The application form needs to be filled out until 5.03.2019, the accepted participants will be announced until the end of March.


Watch a video recap of the last RIGaLIVE session!

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DAGAMBA has released a new video version for their musical piece Romeo & Juliet

The classical music hooligans DAGAMBA as a special st. Valentine’s day greeting has released a new video version for the piece Romeo & Juliet. This is the second single from their upcoming album and grand concert DAGAMBA feat TCHAIKOVSKY taking place 12th of April this year in Arena Riga.

The inspirational spark for the Romeo & Juliet was taken from Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s symphonic poem and its love theme with the same name. Infused with DAGAMBAS original music the piece slowly evolves from lyrical radiance into energetic explosion of emotions.

The composer and DAGAMBA leader Valters Puce explains - this piece is unique, because for the first time each band member has their own solo part or as one could say their own individual interpretation for love. Music is nothing more than pure love in its core; it is love towards your own music instrument – your main tool to bring emotions alive in others as well as in ourselves. DAGAMBA enjoys doing usual things in an unusual way; therefor we want to show you that love is not only fragile, but can also be monumental and suggestive.  

The video version of Romeo and Juliet has been filmed during the recording of the new album in “Sound Division” recording studio by videographer – Karlis Kempels. The album presentation DAGAMBA feat TCHAIKOVSKY will take place at the end of the march.

As announced earlier on 12th of April the classical music hooligans DAGAMBA will have their most ambitious Live Performance in Arena Riga. Tickets are available at “Biļešu serviss”.

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“Laika Upe” releases video for the single “Listen To The Way That I Breathe”

The single  “Listen To The Way That I Breathe” is selected for the international song competition "Eurovision 2019" Pre-Selection show "Supernova 2019" semi-finals.

The director of the video is Guntis Spridzāns. The video was shoot and edited by Ivars Utināns.

The story of a video (and song) is about the loneliness, struggle and the inner demons of a musician, looking for a support from the others and a hope in general. Every upcoming performance is an emotional challenge for a musician, but the band is always there for the support.

The video was shoot in different places including “K.K. fon Stricka villa”, “Buratino theater”, “GM Pool”,” Ziemeļblāzma Castle”.

“The shooting of a video was quite challenging because you really had to get over yourself emotionally and physically. First, we had to film in a cold weather outside. After that we had to film under the water. With the lack of sleep from the previous night's gig, that really did took an energy from us” Guntis recalls.

Laika Upe is a five - piece band from Riga, Latvia. Their uniqueness and sound can be found both in their records and in their energetic live performances that no listener can ignore. Since the formation of the band in 2016, Laika Upe has released two singles. The first single “Debess Puses” was released in the summer of 2018.

The second single "Listen To The Way That I Breathe"  is selected for the international song competition "Eurovision 2019" Pre-Selection show "Supernova 2019" semi-finals. The band will perform in the second “Supernova 2019” semi-finals show that will go on air on the second of february on the channel “LTV1”. The show starts at 9.25 PM.

The song “Listen To The Way That I Breathe” can be found on the biggest music streaming services including Spotify, Google Play, iTunes.

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Evija Vebere will perform in Polish music club Stodola

Evija Vebere will perform in Polish music club Stodola, before their own star, singer-songwriter MARCELINA.

On 1st of March 2019th, Evija Vebere is invited to perform a support show for Polish singer- songwriter Marcelina. Concert will take a place in Stodola, the oldest and largest music club in Warsaw. This invitation is an effect of Stodola collaboration with the organisation Liveurope.

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Eurovision star Aminata is celebrating a five-year anniversary of working in music business and releasing the new single ‘Catching the Headlights’.

Latvian pop-singer and Eurovision star Aminata, this January, is celebrating her five-year anniversary of being in music industry, and to mark this special occasion releases the single "Catching the Headlights". Five years ago, after winning Latvian TV show "Jaunā Talantu fabrika"(‘The New Talent Show’), Aminata released her first ever single "I can breathe".

With the new song "Catching the Headlights" Aminata was willing to recall the beginning of her career: “When writing this song, I wanted to come back to the feelings, which I had when I only started writing songs, 5 years ago. I did not want to think about making this song 'fit', about it having certain format. I just wanted to express my feelings in music, in whatever form it takes.”

Aminata worked on the song alongside the Danish songwriter and producer Jonas Brogger Filtenborg and his Swedish colleague Edvin Hjertquist.

"Catching the Headlights"  has sensual, sexy mood. The song does not have a story, it does not describe a certain plot. The main idea of the song is to remind about being present and enjoy the moments of pleasure: “Nowadays, people are running all the time. We have a lot of things planned, a long 'to do' list. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves, we always worry and forget that life goes by. We forget to enjoy things, to enjoy moments,” that Aminata.

This year Aminata is planning to release her third album, and "Catching the Headlights" is one of the singles, that follows previously released ‘Zero Love’ and ‘Don’t talk about it’. The two first albums - ‘Inner Voice’ and ‘Red Moon’ gained success both in Latvia and abroad, which gives Aminata the inspiration to be braver and work even harder. Together with her team of producers and songwriters Aminata set her creative spirit free and worked productively, which has already resulted in releasing several singles.

The single "Catching the Headlights"  is available in all popular music stream services and can also be heard on radio stations.

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Contest “Supernova 2019” semi-finalist Edgars Kreilis presents a new song and video

One of this year’s music and artist contest “Supernova 2019” semi-finalists Edgars Kreilis from Jelgava presents his song “Cherry Absinthe”, which now has a lyrics video. Edgars is one of the 16 semi-finalists and in 26th January he will fight for the chance to be in the finals.

Originally for the “Supernova 2019” contest Kreilis announced his song "Fire", but in the semi-finals another song with the same title entered, then Edgars heard the suggestions for improving the song and decided to change the composition’s title to "Cherry Absinthe".

The song “Cherry Absinthe” is about a girl that was met on New Year’s Eve. It’s about emotions that take over when you meet someone and about the explosion of feelings – about falling in love. Besides all the feelings, this is also a story about a great party and an adventure - the moment when you forget the absence of the last year and embark on the new one with other goals, wishes and feelings, enjoying the time that we are given.

The story and meaning of the song tells Edgars himself: “There’s is no doubt that behind every successful man stands a strong and a successful woman. And every blossoming relationship starts with a feeling that you can feel in every note of this song. At the moment I’m not sure how others will feel about “Cherry Absinthe”, but I’m confident that every listener will enjoy the great dose of positivism that dwells in it.”

“Cherry Absinthe” was written in the spring of 2018 in the second song writing camp “RIGaLIVE”. Event organisers had created a team that included producer Arnis Račinskis, as well as musicians Jūlijs Melngailis and Edgars Kreilis who were working together for the first time. In this songwriting camp musicians shared their ideas with each other and fulfilled the potential of the song by making it a tuneful story. And that’s how the song “Cherry Absinthe” was born - by three creative minds collaborating and just letting magic happen. Moreover, in the creative process guys decided that contest “Supernova 2019” will be a perfect place to introduce this song to a wider audience, letting it start the way to success.

The music authors of “Cherry Absinthe” are Edgars Kreilis, Jūlijs Melngailis and Arnis Račinskis, however the lyrics were written by Jūlijs Melngailis and Arnis Račinskis.

“Cherry Absinthe” is available on the streaming service Spotify and you can listen to it on the social platform Youtube.

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Podruga releases new single "Sasha in Furs"

Podruga, electropop project of Alise Stefanoviča, offers the latest single – a hypnotic dance floor anthem “Sasha in Furs”.

The song was released after a break of almost two years, during which Podruga performed intensively, including in such significant places as Tallinn Music Week, Positivus Festival and the Palladium concert hall. In the meantime, there were also changes in the composition of musicians, as a result of which Podruga became a solo project of the vocalist, lyricist and producer Alise Stefanoviča.

“Sasha in Furs” is an ode to muse, a playful nod to The Velvet Underground and an anthem for every young heart who has ever dreamed under a strobe light. “Lyrics of the song are made up of conversations that occurred between the main character Sasha and me,” says Alise. “The song tells about a special friendship born on the background of Riga’s nightlife and beauty that can be seen in the people around you.”

In early 2019, a music video will be released to the single.

“Sasha in Furs” was recorded at studio "SKAN", in Riga. Guitarist Roberts Bergs from rock band Krāsa and producer Kaspars Greizis participated in the recording of the song.

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New Christmas album by Very Cool People, Ralfs Eilands and Kristīne Prauliņa

On the 1st of December Latvian singers Ralfs Eilands and Kristīne Prauliņa and jazz-funk band Very Cool People are releasing the joint holiday album Snowman's Express. The album includes new original songs and self-arranged versions of well-known holiday tunes. The new album is creating a joyful party atmosphere in the best traditions of funk and soul.

The album consists of twelve songs including original pieces St. James and Call Me This Christmas, written by the participants of the Christmas project themselves. The first single of this album is Paul McCartney’s Wonderful Christmas Time, on the record you will also hear John Lennon's Happy Xmas (War Is Over), Christmas traditional pieces like Silent Night, Jingle Bells and Auld Lang Syne, as well as Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!, Winter Wonderland, Merry Christmas Baby and even Sugar Flute Laughter Dance from Pyotr Tchaikovsky's ballet Nutcracker, all passionately and skillfully arranged by one the best funkers from the Baltic States – Very Cool People.

Participants of the project Snowman’s Express: Ralfs Eilands – vocals;  Kristīne Prauliņa – vocals; Oskars Ozoliņš – trumpet; Māris Jēkabsons – tenor sax; Laura Rozenberga – trombone; Kristaps Lubovs – baritone sax; Elvijs Grafcovs – guitar;  Māris Vitkus – organ, keyboards & synth; Valters Sprūdžs – bass;  Andris Buiķis – drums, percussions, glockenspiel.

All tunes produced by E.Grafcovs, V.Sprūdžs & R.Eilands. All tunes arranged by E.Grafcovs & M.Jēkabons, except Call Me This Christmas arranged by V.Sprūdžs & M.Jēkabsons and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy arranged by M.Jēkabsons.  Recorded by Ivars Ozols, Gints Lundbergs & Pauls Davis Megi from in July 2018 at Sound Division Studio (Riga, Latvia).  Additional vocal recordings by Edgars Skrāģis at Meduza/Jump Studio (Riga, Latvia);  mixed by Krišjānis Geidāns at Ansons Lab Studio (Riga, Latvia); mastered by Jānis Kalve at Labo Ierakstu Studio (Riga, Latvia). Design & artwork by Mārtiņš Legzdiņš.

“Very Cool People” is a jazz-funk band originated in Riga, Latvia. With a backbone in jazz, funk and soul, incorporating influences from surf, klezmer, rock and hip-hop, the band using contemporary tools is trying to put jazz & funk back to dancefloor and make it more accessible to ordinary, nowadays persons. In 2018 besides regular gigs in Latvia, the band has gone to a concert tour around South Korea in August and a concert tour in Hungary and Romania in November. The band is also nominated for the biggest European showcase “Eurosonic Noorderslag 2019”, which will take place on January 2019 in Groningen, The Netherlands.

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