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Patriks releases his new single 'Get You Off My Mind'

23 year old singer/songwriter from Riga has released the 3rd single of the upcoming debut album 'PENUMBRA' and it's called 'Get You Off My Mind'.

The author comments on the upcoming album: 'While I have faced many set-backs in tue making of 'PENUMBRA', right now I have the opportunity to work on my music more than ever before, so the album is finally coming together'. 'Get You Off My Mind' is about the process of trying to forget a person and accepting that You'll do anything to get them off Your mind.

Patriks identifies his work with such genres as: R&B/Soul, Indie Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Bedroom Pop, Neo Soul and others.

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Austrian musician BAIBA surprises with a new song "Come Around"

BAIBA's latest single has been made in collaboration with Italian electro / groove music producer Bruno Belissimo. The song "Come Around" is the musician's first single after the album "Lighter" released in May.

BAIBA (real name - Baiba Dēķena), who lives in Innsbruck, Austria, has released this song thanks to winning the second place in “Upload Sounds” - the Italian competition for young musicians'. The victory gave her the opportunity to collaborate with Bruno Belissimo, a Canadian/Italian electronic music producer.

The collaboration also includes a music video for the single that was filmed in the Italian city of Milan.

The song "Come Around" is a story about various emotions that we experience after a relationship. Both the relief we sometimes get when a difficult relationship is over and the frustration when we realize that we may be adapting too much to the relationship and, for fear of not being loved, have ultimately lost what we really are.

"This is not a sad song. If after the relationship ends the anger is chanelled properly after the end of the relationship, it can give us the ability to accept ourselves for who we really are, ”says BAIBA, “I want this song to empower people, to give this feeling that we all are different and, maybe, sometimes weird and crazy but it’s all OK!” 

Currently, BAIBA continues to write new songs, as well as performs regularly in Austria and Italy. The young artist also teaches music production classes. This autumn, the artist had planned to perform in Latvia as well, but these concerts have been canceled for the time being due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out the new song on Spotify


BAIBA is a Latvian musician who currently lives in Innsbruck, Austria. She grew up in a farming family in Tukums region, Pūre parish. At the age of seven, she began attending Kandava Music School, where she studied piano. Later, BAIBA moved to Liepāja, where he studied cultural management and also obtained a master's degree in writing. During this time, she began to write her own songs and perform at various events.

At the end of 2020, BAIBA won 2nd place in the Italian music competition "Upload Sounds" and got the opportunity to work with renowned representatives of the Italian music industry - producer Bruno Belissimo (previously worked with Italian groups such as "Calcutta" and "Frah Quintale") and video graphics and video director Claudio Zagarini from Universal Music.

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The band "Laime Pilnīga" releases an energetic music video for a new composition "Perseverance"

Notable rock band "Laime Pilnīga" releases new song together with a music video on "Perseverance". You can already find the song on all the biggest music streaming platforms.

"The process of creation of the composition "Perseverance" was a wonderful adventure full with contingencies and unexpected turn of events that were carried out with no rush and perfected at the band's recording studio "Laimes telpa". We were successful with multiple ideas that we wanted to do for a while now, like, using recorded stories of more than 30 people. This composition is created as a journey with a beginning and an end. Thematically we are continuing the matters that we find interesting or feel affected by. Regarding this song we could say that with perseverance you can go miles, and sometimes even too far." That's what the authors of the song Ervīns Ramiņš and Mārcis Vasiļevskis have to say.

On a hot evening in August the music video was created as well which is the work of Ņikita Karpovs. The band has already worked with him before on creating music videos for songs "Divatā", "Esmu, tu esi es".

The song is recorded at the band's studio "Laimes telpa" together with the guitarist of the band Mārcis Vasiļevskis in the role of a sound engineer and at "Siguldas skaņu studija" with the sound engineer Mārcis Kalniņš. The producing and mastering was then done by Krišjānis Geidāns, but the final touches on the record were from Minervai Pappi from "Waudio Mastering" in Finland.

The notable rock band "Laime Pilnīga" was founded in spring of year 2006 in Riga and is known for their energetic and emotionally charged concerts. The sound of the band is concluded of virtuoso guitar play, unique vocals and a strong rhythmic section that altogether create the whirl of roaring rock music and nuanced sensations

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Super active music hooligans from Latvia - “Very Cool People" offer an ironic view of the past in their new album

The most famous Latvian jazz-funk band "Very Cool People" continues its artistic flight at unlimited heights. Their eighth album “50 Years of Influence + 30 Years of Cool Equals 13 Years of Music Hooliganism” is a positive musical irony about Latvia's turbulent recent history. There is also a new video - the fifth single "Rapid Dough - Pelmjakški” from this album.

With this instrumental music album, the band members pay tribute to their teachers and the previous generations of musicians, who helped jazz and rock and roll to survive behind the Iron Curtain, as well as get through the crazy nineties in the Baltic States. Everything is already mentioned in the title of the album - jazz here is intertwined with classical music, Balkan music with metal, surf music with funk and soul, but choral music with klezmer and the musical heritage of other peoples living in Latvia.

This is an instrumental album of original music, where compositions are written by the group's guitarist and bandleader Elvijs Grafcovs, saxophonists Māris Jēkabsons and Kristaps Lubovs, drummer Andris Buiķis and the group's keyboardist Māris Vitkus, for whom this is his debut in composing.

This is the band's eighth album and the fifth in the row released since 2017, the band still fulfilling their promise to release a stylistically different new album every year, which at the same time is paying homage to the work culture of musicians in the past.

The album was recorded in the legendary basement studio of the Riga Reformed Church “Mints Music Studio” by no less than the legendary recording engineer Tālis Timrots. Andris Buikis mixed the recorded material in Ciemupe & the whole group’s members relentlessly and pleasantly commented each step of the mixing process. The record is produced by Elvijs Grafcovs and mastered by the master legend Dave McNair at the Dave McNair Mastering Studio in North Carolina, USA.


The colorful design of the album was created by Gatis Pakalns - a designer living in London, who 14 years ago created the already famous "Very Cool People" cats and who time after time cooperates with the group since. The cover of the new album is decorated with a photo of a real 2 x 2 meter carpet attached to the wall like in the “good old” Khrushchyovka apartments. This rug was custom designed by Gatis Pakalns & produced in Belgium, as it turned out to be the closest place to order such specially designed rugs.

The design expressions of the band did not end with that, the wall itself was specially prepared for the photo session of the album booklet - Māris Vitkus glued special wallpaper from Latvia's past, inherited from his grandfather. Then Elvijs and Māris bought an equally authentic sofa in a Riga Khrushchyovki architecture district, which then became the main photography platform for all the members of the group. The author of all the photos in the design of the album is the embodiment of rock and roll both with and without a photo camera in his hands - Jānis Škapars. The overall idea of the album's design flares somewhere between an old Eastern Europe family album and artifacts from music lovers of the 1990s.

Along with the new album, the band is also releasing their fifth single and video "Rapid Dough - Pelmashki”. This video includes characters from all the previous music videos related to the new album, so this is considered the grand finale, where all the videos come together.

The new album can be heard on all major streaming platforms, and physical copies are available in “Bandcamp”. Oskars Ozoliņš – trumpet, vocal; Māris Jēkabsons – tenor sax, vocal; Laura Rozenberga – trombone, vocal; Kristaps Lubovs – baritone sax, vocal; Elvijs Grafcovs - guitar, banjo, vocal; Māris Vitkus - organ, synths, piano vocal; Jānis Olekšs - bass, vocal; Andris Buiķis- drums, percussions, synths, vocal.

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Rihards Lībietis releases new single and music video from upcoming album

Guitar player and composer Rihards Lībietis has released a new single “Transcending Parallels” from upcoming album “Lines & Miniatures” due to be released at the end of October. A music video for the single directed by Jānis Romanovskis has also been released.

The new composition “Transcending Parallels” is a story of transcending various borders – real, imaginary, either created inside ourselves or established outside – and achieving a next level.

The single was recorded under guidance of sound designer Valērijs Černejs in “No Fuss Audio”, Tukums and “AMFO Music” studio in Riga. Drummer Toms Kagainis is also featured on the record not only recording drums, but also percussion elements by using various objects found in the studio in a stroke of inspiration – kitchenware, knives, metal water bottle among many others.

Rihards Lībietis says: “At the beginning the idea behind the project was to create a guitar album – by using various playing techniques, looping etc, but strictly keeping the focus on one instrument – but, as the writing process started, music evolved and it was clear that more sound layers should be added with different instruments. This track “Transcending Parallels” actually was the first demo for the album. It's still possible to perform this song by using just one guitar and a loop station. Of course, the sound is now on a completely another level thanks to the inspired effort of Toms Kagainis and phenomenal support from Valērijs Černejs with his insight on achieving a great studio sound.”

Its director and DOP Jānis Romanovskis: “Rihards sent me the music and let me roam free with ideas. After listening to the song many times, this video came together – a little bit about rush, about getting lost in labyrinths. We filmed using timelapse, technique which is usually used in breathtaking nature videos, but this time let us play with time – allowing us to press long filming episodes in a few seconds.”

The new album “Lines & Miniatures” is set for release on October 26th, being the second original music solo album by Rihards Lībietis. It can be considered an ideological successor to musicians first solo album “RL Elektronix”, released in 2015. “Lines & Miniatures” will feature 10 compositions and appearances from Toms Kagainis and other guest artists. Album was created with the support of AKKA/LAA Author Scholarship. 

“Transcending Parallels” can be heard on music streaming platforms, including Spotify.

Rihards Lībietis is a musician and music author, regularly performing with various Latvian musicians and bands, mainly in “Rihards Lībietis Orchestra”. Rihards also composes and performs music for theatre plays and contemporary dance performances, such as “Upe” (2020) in Liepāja Theatre, “Bannija Manro nāve” (2017) and “Izraidītie” (2014) in Dailes Theatre and others.

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The Latvian indie-pop band "Blue Jean Serenada" release a new single "Pāris labas dienas"

The Latvian indie-pop band "Blue Jean Serenada" release a new single "Pāris labas dienas" that goes out to all the unforgettable summer romances and the nostalgia that comes with them once we know that those days are behind us.

The producer of the single is the Latvian artist Ansis Kolmanis, also known as ansis


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New Pop singer Elisija Releases New Single "Non-Productivity

On September 17, 2021, singer Elisija released her new single "Non-Productivity".

The song is a reminder that no one is a superhuman, and it's totally okay that from time to time, we find ourselves on a day when there is a whole list of work that needs to be done, but somehow nothing goes according to the plan. There are countless excuses, other less important or even not important things are done first.

The singer says: “From my experience, I can say that unproductive days will come from time to time, it should be considered, but there is no point in feeling infinitely bad about it. We just have to assume that it is perfectly normal to go one day without feeling guilty, that absolutely nothing has been done, because you know internally that there will be a new day and new possibilities tomorrow, but a break is needed today!” The song is in English, and it is available on various music streaming platforms. (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, Pandora, Tidal etc.)

Spotify link

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Singer-Songwriter Patrick Tabaks To Release Debut Album ‘Lost My Mind’ In September 17th

Patrick Tabaks is busy readying his debut album Lost My Mind for release in September. The 17-year-old singer-songwriter spent much of 2020 writing and recording the nine-song collection in studios in the U.K., Sweden, Canada, the United States as well as his native Latvia.

Lyrically, Lost My Mind finds the singer contemplating existential questions and exploring his own emotional psyche. “The album is really about what has been growing inside of me all my life,” Patrick explains. “It’s about what I’ve grown up to experience or what I’ve wondered about. So, a lot of the songs are kind of about, I wouldn’t like to say philosophical questions, but questions you don’t really want to think about daily. But those questions stay in your head. And the other half of the album is the romantic half. It’s about my emotions.”

Link to the album

The album’s first single “From Time to Time,” was inspired by the bittersweet nature of grief. “[It’s] a song about the people you’ve lost in your life. The song is about my grandma and my grandpa. I really didn’t get to spend that much time with them [growing up]. Now that I think back, I wish I could’ve spent more time with them. It’s a song that gives you the feeling of loss but at the same time the feeling of happiness that you had when you spent all those moments with those people.”

Another single, “Are You Even Real,” marks a left turn both sonically and in content. “[It’s] a little bit of an outlier,” Patrick says. “The music itself is a bit different than the rest of the songs. But I thought it was an interesting song with an interesting concept... “Are You Even Real” is [about] my fear of what happens after death. I just think that talking about your fears is just as important as talking about the rest of your emotions.”

While Lost My Mind has an undeniable pop sensibility, its influences range from jazz and flamenco to lo-fi rock. Such versatility is unsurprising for an artist who’s been a musician almost as long as he’s been alive.

“I started doing music when I was six years old,” Patrick says. “I remember my sister teaching me how to sing at our home piano. And I really started to enjoy it a lot. And when I was seven years old I started going to a music school where I got my inspiration from working with these teachers. All these people who were also into gave [me] a sense of what it is to be a musician and what joy you can get out of it. I think that’s really where my inspiration came from.”

Under the tutelage of his teacher Valda Tracuma, Patrick began singing opera at the age of 11, performing at the Latvian National Opera and becoming known as “the boy with the golden voice.” Over the next four years, he performed duets with famous opera singers such as Sonora Vaice and Elina Shimkus and performed in productions of different operas both in Latvia and abroad.

Even with his own album complete, Patrick has no plans to slow down. He is currently cowriting and co- producing new songs with singer Elizabeth Luka, as well as collaborating with producer Tim Lars on an electronic pop single called “Countryside” that will be released in the fall. He has also started rehearsals for the leading role in a new musical written by Janis Lusens that will debut in November. Patrick will also be a part of the cast of Rent when the production resumes at the end of 2021.

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Music project "MUUD" releases a new song and video "Nedienas" (eng. "Bad days")

Music project "MUUD" releases a new song and video "Nedienas" (eng. "Bad days") to bring attention to socially relevant but yet highly ignored themes of suicide, addiction, and mental health issues. With this video, MUUD attempts to highlight the necessity to talk openly about mental health problems and suffering in order to be able to establish an effective dialogue and cultivate tolerance for those who go through such pain.

According to the World Health Organization, Latvia is one of the leading countries in terms of the completed suicides per 100 thousand inhabitants, currently ranking 15th in the world and 2nd in the European Union.

The song "Nedienas" is part of the third musical release of "MUUD", the theme of which is mental health and factors that influence its complications. The creators of the project “MUUD” are the members of Latvia’s largest hip-hop association “Kreisais Krasts”  - artists Punkts uz I (Ingus Šusts), Cepums (Mārtiņš Mednis), Jānis Krūmiņš, as well as the cinematographer and director Toms Rings.

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Chris Noah, Very Cool People, The Bad Tones and Kasetes will represent Latvia at the Lithuanian showcase festival “What’s Next in Music”

According to the Latvian Music Development Association / Latvian Music Export Office, the annual music showcase festival and conference “What's Next in Music?” will take place in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius from September 9 to 11, organized by the Lithuanian Music Business Association. During the showcase festival, Latvia will be represented by Chris Noah, Very Cool People, The Bad Tones and Kasetes.

Chris Noah, best known for his guitar-driven sound, authentic voice and gripping melodies, is a Riga-based artist and songwriter gracefully combining indie rock with catchy pop. Noah’s first EP “What About Tomorrow?” received a nomination for the best debut at the Latvian Music Awards and his latest EP “Distance Deluxe” received a “Best Pop Album of The Year” nomination at the 2021 Latvian Music Awards.

With a solid backbone in jazz, funk and soul, incorporating influences from surf, klezmer, rock and hip-hop, Very Cool People have been putting jazz & funk back on the dancefloor since 2007. Hailing from Riga, the band has lit up clubs and festivals from Estonia to Romania, from Spain to South Korea.

The Bad Tones is nature and blues-driven psychedelic rock quartet from Riga characterised by dreamy guitars and wavy vocals. In their social presence and musical outcry, the band accentuates the problems of art consumerism in the modern age and concentrates on getting the audience involved in the music listening process as it was done in the early days of sound recordings.

Kasetes is a synthpop/indie pop band from Vaidava. Imagine the reminiscing sound of 80’s pop music with a modern twist, dreamy guitar riffs and the sound of synthesizers blasting through your car stereo as you drive into the night. The latest record “Dialogue” has been awarded with a Golden Microphone as the best Latvian electronic music album of 2020.

In the conference section of the event, representatives of the European music industry will take part in various discussions on topics such as the economic impact of the music industry, mental health and others. On September 10, alongside industry representatives from various European countries, Guna Zučika, the founder and head of the music management and consulting agency “Every Little Thing”, will participate in the panel discussion “Foreign Markets – What’s Next?”.

Latvian music industry participation in “What’s Next in Music?” is supported by the Latvian Ministry of Culture, LaIPA and Latvijas Balzams.

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